Philosophy of Chiropractic

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About this site

I present conversations about the Philosophy of Chiropractic, each with a number of parts and their transcript.

I am not aligned with any chiropractic educational institution or association and am independent and accountable.

Nothing on this site represents health advice. For any health concerns consult your nearest chiropractor. 

Lord Phillip Ebrall, Professor of Chiropractic

Philosophical perspective

I use 'Pragmatism' to look at matters drawn from the history and practice of chiropractic and examine each in terms of why is it this way? and what does it mean?

This is not 'Chiropractic Philosophy'. It is an examination using the classic tools of the Philosophy of Science from multiple perspectives to report an informed Philosophy of Chiropractic where all arguments are forensically accountable.

My intent is to guide you to a deeper understanding of chiropractic.

Welcome [SOON] to the Philosophy of Chiropractic

About me

My PhD was awarded in 1999, the second for an Australian chiropractor in the field of chiropractic. A decade earlier (1989) I was RMIT's Graduate of the Year and also awarded for Academic Merit and Meritorious Service. I also hold a Master of Photography and a Grad. Cert. in Tertiary Teaching and Learning and an Honorary DC from the Tokyo College of Chiropractic. I first registered as a chiropractor in November 1989 and have recently been granted the Title Lord.

The nature of my scholarship

My research is classified by the Australian Government as ‘History and Philosophy - Chiropractic'  [Field 220299]