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Welcome to a philosophy of chiropractic

Site closure

This site will close at the end of October 2022.

The content will continue in the form of audio podcasts. A podcast page is being created in Apple and this content will be loaded as audio-only.

Future content will be written and loaded much more frequently. Each podcast will continue to carry a fully-referenced transcript.

The general content will remain free to all, and there will be a subscriber option for a more detailed monthly podcast and other topics. For subscribers I will also address topics on request in future podcasts.

Thank you for your support so far.



BJ Palmer delivering a toggle adjustment
BJ Palmer delivering a toggle adjustment

About a philosophy of chiropractic

A 'Philosophy of Chiropractic' is addressed in a series of inter-connected topics. Each topic is usually covered by 6 videos, gathered on one page with supporting material.

Each video includes a fully-referenced transcript and, where useful, a link to a relevant, peer-reviewed and indexed paper of mine.

This site and all videos are fully-indexed by TOPIC and INDEXING TERMS. All content is free to share with no copyright restriction. Please give attribution to 'Ebrall P. Philosophy of Chiropractic. URL'

Topic 01 - The Profession

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About me ...

My PhD in the field of chiropractic was awarded from RMIT University in 1990. I was Graduate of the Year in 1989 and also awarded for Meritorious Service and Academic Excellence. I hold a Grad. Cert. in Tertiary Learning and Teaching, and a Master of Photography.

My pre-chiropractic career trajectory covered 25 years in commercial broadcasting where I became a specialist in establishing/revitalising radio stations.

My field of scholarship is Australian Government Field #220299, History and Philosophy (Chiropractic), and I am reasonably well published with over 200 articles indexed at and about 14 textbooks, and a novel.

About my philosophy of chiropractic

I see my world through the lens of Pragmatism influenced by the Japanese Philosophy of Science and my Yamabushi beliefs. 

Much of the content on this site was generated through the use of public monies as a full-time academic in Australia's higher education system, and through a range of grants including post-doctoral study. Therefore you can freely download and share. 

Videos are both large format 4K for the class room, or 480p for website and social media. The best way to get my video links is at my Vimeo showcase. The animations are only the one size.

Philosophy of Chiropractic continues ...

My next topic, #02, is 'Chiropractic as Science', due mid-May. After that I will look at the question 'What did DD Palmer actually do?' and this will be followed by a range of further topics such as the relevance of Snowdon's Cynefin Framework to chiropractic, a look at Hartman's Axiologic Values in chiropractic, and more.