We each need a purpose and for me it is about growth and meaningful change.

My skills-set gives me reasons to get out of bed every morning, energised. You can’t buy this from others

What I offer

This page summarises the services I am able to offer you

Some, such as mentoring, are free. Others are by contract. All are confidential


This page introduces the adventures of my travelling companion, my bear


This page looks at some aspects of the chiropractic paradigm


Some details about me


This is a simple site with basic details about the work I do, what qualifies me to do it, why I am passionate about it, and how you may contact me should you wish


My home is Canonbury House, #6 Sidney Nolan Place, Diamond Creek, Victoria 3089, Australia

My personal email address is I prefer email contact as it is more reliable in my “anywhere, anytime” office

My handphone or mobile number is 0400 987 191, call, SMS or iMessage

My Netatmo weather station address is St Helena, Vic


5th Generation Tasmanian, happy, based in Melbourne Australia, fabulous close and extended family.

Phillip Ebrall

“I am a creative futurist, facilitator and author, committed to wholesome projects in media, technology and education to ensure outstanding outcomes”


This page looks at some of the thinking I am currently working with. From time to time it may have a short, humorous tale

Social Media

My only active social media is +Google. There are some really nice people in Google Circles and no anger like there is on Twitter or Facebook. I pulled out of LinkedIn due to its sole role being to massage one’s ego, but can’t get out of Research Gate which I had to join while in the University system. I wish I could close that account

Who is Phillip Ebrall?

What am I about?

My core value is to believe people with passion can change the world. As Steve Jobs said those people crazy enough to think they can change the world, actually do. It is not about being liked or doing things the easy way; it is being the square peg in the round hole, the disruptor in the room, the one who makes others uncomfortable.

My work as a Creative Futurist is to honour the people who have moved this world forward

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